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Tongan Ninja

Tongan Ninja

Also known as: Tongan Ninja – La fureur des îles

Year: 2002

Genres: Action,Comedy,Musical,Romance

Countries: New Zealand

Rating: 6.2

Cast: Sam Manu; Jemaine Clement; Linda Tseng; Laura Hill; Raybon Kan; David Fane; Victor Rodger; Peter Daube; Jed Brophy; Sean Allan; Aaron Cubis; Grant Clifford; Charles Lum; Charley Murphy Samau; Brett Ormsby

Storyline: A young child is stranded in Tonga when his plane crashes and his father is eaten by a fish. He trains in a dojo till he becomes the Tongan Ninja. The Tongan Ninja is dispatched to the island nation of New Zealand in order to help a brother of his master with his floundering Chinese restaurant. But the mysterious Mister Big stands in the eatery’s way as he sends numerous villains such as Knife Man, Gun Man, and the super-sexy Action Fighter who may know a lot about the hero.

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